Piphillin Server

As of April 1, 2021, Second Genome discontinued support of the Piphillin web application.

The algorithm is described in the two publications below and we hope that the Piphillin approach can assist you in interpreting the potential functions of any microbial community assessed with amplicon sequencing. The performance of the algorithm in multiple scenarios is discussed in the publications and should provide guidance for anyone inferring function from marker genes.

Please contact partnering@secondgenome.com if you have a commercial interest in the Piphillin software, leveraging microbiome functional analysis for clinical biomarkers/therapeutics or have other partnering interests.

For questions about the papers below, contact piphillin@secondgenome.com.

Iwai S, Weinmaier T, Schmidt BL, Albertson DG, Poloso NJ, Dabbagh K & DeSantis TZ. (2016), Piphillin: Improved Prediction of Metagenomic Content by Direct Inference from Human Microbiomes. PLOS ONE 11(11): e0166104.
Narayan NR, Weinmaier T, Laserna-Mendieta EJ, Claesson MJ, Shanahan F, Dabbagh K, Iwai S & DeSantis TZ. (2020), Piphillin predicts metagenomic composition and dynamics from DADA2-corrected 16S rDNA sequences. BMC Genomics 21(1):56.